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Young P Pool
Young Pettypool (Young P Pool), born c. 1766 in NC,  died in 1843 in Greenville SC, leaving a will that mentions three sons: Clayburne P, Jordan P and Hampton P.

Young P Pool, born c. 1804, died 23 Sept. 1878 in Forsyth county, GA.  He left a contested will, ultimately proven, that enumerates but does not specifically list his children.

Some Internet sources list Young P Pool (GA) as a son of Young P Pool (SC), despite his absence from the SC will.  And research sites such as conflate the two in their search results, based presumably upon the given name similarity.  While rare, "Young" as a given name is not unknown: for example Young A Pool, born TN c. 1833 was also resident in GA at the time.

If you have any knowledge of the relationship of these Young P Pool individuals, please contact me or post a response here.

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