Thomas Pitts Pool's photograph.

Thomas Pitts Poole

Thomas Pitts was born to George B. and Mary Farrow Pool on 29 January 1861 in Scuffletown Township, Laurens County. He married Jemmie Alexander.1

Jemmie Alexander was born near Cross Anchor, South Carolina, the daughter of Wilson Alexander (1825- 1899) and Mary Allen (1833- 1905). 5 Jemmie first appears in the Census of 1870, listed as 8 year old "Jennie" in Wilson Alexander's household in Cross Anchor Township in Spartanburg County. Nineteen year old "Jimmie E" is still at home in the Census of 1880. 6 The date of her marriage to Thomas P. Poole is not known. 7

Transcription of ledger

One of the earliest records of Thomas is three cotton sales shown in the 1884 Ledger of Laurens cotton buyers G. W. Shell, Watts and Co.: 8

Thos. P. ran an extensive tenant farming operation. At his death in 1926, among the farm machinery listed was "one Ginnery, press, steam engine & fixtures", appraised at $250. He also owned 25 mules, 3 horses, 5 wagons, 30 plow stocks, 5 cotton planters, and "250 acres farmland, 4 buildings" appraised at $3625, and an additional "1448 acres farm land, 11 buildings" appraised at $21,996.3

The following extract is from a map published by the Hudgins Co., Atlanta in about 1907. It shows the Thomas P. Pool farm. Landmarks such as the Sandy Springs Church still exist today, allowing the locating of the farm near the intersection of modern SC Highway 49 and SC Highway 308 in Laurens County.

When Thomas P. Pool died on Friday, March 26, he did not leave a will. Since it was planting season on his extensive farming operations, it was vital to quickly decide how to continue. The families' agreement on how to proceed was drawn up and signed the following Tuesday.

The essential decision was:

"...That our mother do operate, and continue to operate all farms for the year 1926. In other words, that she carry out all arrangements made by our father for farming all of his lands for the rest of this year. For this purpose she shall use all cash money on hand in furnishing supplies for the tenants, and generally in carrying on farming operations, as she lives on the farm and will give the same general supervision we agree that living expenses shall be included in the general farming expenses.

We agree further that she shall make arrangements with Hunter Brothers for such supplies as she will need to carry on the farming operations and supply the tenants from now until she can be appointed and qualify as Administratrix, and such debts as she may incur in this respect shall be claims against the Estate and repaid out of the crops raised this year, or other assets of the estate. 9

Jemmie Alexander continued to live on the home farm until her death 7 March, 1937. In her will she left the property to her eldest son, Martin Milton Pool. Martin was unmarried, and had continued to live on the farm with his parents.

Thomas Pitts Pool is buried at Langston Baptist Church beside his wife Jemmie, his daughters Nina and Mattie, and son Martin.4


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A collection of newspaper clippings relating to this family can be found in the Thomas Pitts Poole Family Scrapbook.

The document Thomas Pitts Poole and Family of Laurens County, South Carolina contains the results of my research into this family. Please view the pdf.

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