A Pettypool Family of Laurens County South Carolina:

Seth Petty Pool and Descendants

©James F. Poole, Gilbert, SC

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Sometime about 1785 my Third- Great Grandfather Seth Petty Pool crossed the Enoree River into the newly formed Laurens County, South Carolina. He began to purchase land near where Buckhead Creek empties into the Enoree, and by the time of his death in 1837 he had accumulated over 600 acres. He raised a large family and established himself as one of the many small farmers, or planters, as they were then known, in the Backcountry of South Carolina. Succeeding generations of my ancestors remained within a few miles of this Buckhead Creek area until 1943, when the death of my Uncle Martin Milton Poole (b. 1885) ended family residency in Laurens County. By that time, my father had moved permanently to Sumter, SC.

My father spoke little about his family in Laurens, so I had few clues, and knew little of what to expect, when I began my research. Fortunately, I found the classic study of the Laurens Poole family, A Genealogical History of the Poole, Langston, Mason Families and Kindred Lines of Upper South Carolina by Bessie Poole Lamb and Mary-Mack Poole Ezell, published in 1931*. And a fortunate encounter on the Internet brought to my attention The William Pettypool Family of Southside Virginia: Lineage Reconstruction Based on Current Review of Evidence by Carolyn S. Hartsough, Ph. D, published in The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 4, No. 1 (January-March, 2003). Taken together, these two documents record my Pettypool ancestry from the mid 1600's until the late 1920's.

This site contains a combination of the information from these two documents and my own research, primarily in the South Carolina Department of Archives and History in Columbia, SC, the Laurens County Public Library, Laurens, SC and the Office of the Probate Judge, Laurens, SC. It extends the Lamb and Ezell account where possible, and carries the story both backward to the English origins and forward to the present. As an epilogue to the site, there is a brief account of the Sumter County years.

Note: A family tree chart of the families discussed in these pages can be found on the Laurens Family Tree page.

My Laurens County Lineage

Seth Petty Pool, circa 1754- 1837
  and Elizabeth Berry
Berry Pool, 1792- 1847
  and Mary Blackstock
George Berry Pool, 1838- 1900
  and Mary Farrow
  and Sarah Horton
Thomas Pitts Poole, 1861- 1927
  and Jemmie Alexander
James Furman Poole, 1890- 1973
  and Ruth Martin

* During my research, I compiled a list, located here, of some things in the Lamb and Ezell book that I believe to be errors.