The time has come,” the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes- and ships- and sealing-wax-
Of cabbages- and kings grandmothers1

Raises Fine Cabbage  Mr. T. P. Poole of Tylersville brought to The Advertiser office a few days ago a very fine 13 1-2 pound cabbage which was raised by Mrs. W. P. Poole from plants produced by Mrs. T.P. Poole.  The Laurens Advertiser, July 27, 1910 at the Library of Congress

Prize Winning Cabbage  The Advertiser force was presented yesterday with a champion all-cabbage-and-a-yard wide cabbage that is undoubtedly the biggest and heaviest that has been shown hereabouts for a long time: in fact ever shown before. It weighs 14¼ pounds and was raised by Mrs. T. P. Poole of Tylersville. She has had wonderful success in raising this particular variety and is selling the plants.  The Laurens Advertiser, June 12, 1912 at the Library of Congress

‘Mrs T. P. Poole’ is Jemmie Alexander Poole, my grandmother. ‘Mrs. W. P. Poole’, who raised the champion plant in 1910, is presumed to be Ella Malone, the second wife of William Perry Poole (1867- 1947). William Perry, the son of Berry P. Poole (1812- 1897)2  is my second cousin twice removed (up).

Judging from the advertisements placed in the Laurens Advertiser in the early 1900’s, cabbage was a very popular vegetable in local home and farm gardens, and Jemmie had some stiff competition in selling cabbage plants. In addition to other individuals selling plants, the Piedmont Plant Company in nearby Greenville, SC was a steady advertiser:

Cabbage Plants  We have several millions of Cabbage Plants now ready for setting. These plants are grown from seed selected by a specialist, and will withstand the lowest temperature and WILL MAKE HEADS. All the standard varieties. NOW IS THE TIME TO SET FOR FOR EARLY SPRING HEADING. PRICES: 5OO for 75c, (Smallest order); 1,000 to 4000 at $1.25 per thousand; 5,000 to 9,000 at $1.00 per thousand. Cash. PIEDMONT PLANT CO., GREENVILLE, S.C.  The Laurens Advertiser, November 30, 1910

Additional source material for the individuals in this article, as well as much more about the family, can be found in the Thomas Pitts Pool section of The Pettypool Family in America website.

  1. With apologies to Lewis Caroll, The Walrus and the Carpenter.
  2. Berry P. Poole is not to be confused with his uncle, Berry Pool (1792- 1847)