… dismissed without costs…

Love Gone Wrong… Laurens County, SC

1884- 1885

Beginning in the fall of 1884 and extending into 1885, a case wound its way through the Court of Common Pleas in Laurens Court House:

Martha E Burdett Pltff  )
against                           ) Complaint for Breach of Marriage Promise
William H. Pool Deft     )

An article published in the Atlanta Constitution1 on August 23, 1884 provides some details on the origin of the lawsuit. Miss Burdett, “a comely young woman”, had given birth to a child and claimed that the father was William H. Pool who, she insisted, had “made a most positive promise of marriage” to her. Mr. Pool denied both being the father and having made any such promise,  and the lawsuit was filed. Continue reading “… dismissed without costs…”

“…in a buggy behind a fast horse…”

Love and Marriage in Union County, SC


On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 20, 1886, Mr. Graham received a visitor bearing one of those messages that every father of a teenage daughter hopes never to hear- your daughter just left town “… in a buggy behind a fast horse…” with a man 14 years older than her, “…route not known”. The Laurens Advertiser issue of January 27, 1886 reprinted an article from the Union Times summarizing the events: Continue reading ““…in a buggy behind a fast horse…””